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On this page you will find information about Jacksonville Real Estate Investing and Jacksonville investment properties in general.  Much of our business is centered around consulting, so please feel free to call us anytime to discuss Jacksonville FL Real Estate Investing. 

Thinking of getting into Jacksonville Real Estate Investing?

Good Morning America recently quoted Jacksonville FL as being one of the top five real estate markets!  There are many things that make Northeast Florida the best investment market in the United States, and many reasons why we are the best company to assist you with ALL of your Real Estate investing needs!!

Why Jacksonville is the best place to buy investment homes! 

1) When thinking of Florida do you immediately think hurricanes? Well the fact is Jacksonville hasn't seen a hurricane in over 40 years! Due to this fact, our insurance costs are a fraction of the amount paid in most parts of Florida!  Click on the link below to view the 100 year hurricane chart!  Only TWO storms have come directly through Jacksonville in the last 100 years!! As you can see, its NOT luck, we just don't get hurricanes very often around this area of Florida.
  View Florida Hurricane Charts

2) We're still the least expensive coastal city on the east coast to live in! There are many areas where you can still purchase Jacksonville investment properties and multi-family properties at 8%-12% capitalization rates!  Investments properties are very easy to come by that can be rented for much more than a mortgage payment, and create positive cash flow for you. 

3) With the recently announced Jaxport Shipyards development bringing in thousands of new jobs ALONE  to the area over the next five years, the huge swing in new employment will have a dramatic impact!  Soon Jacksonville will be the 2nd largest port on the east coast! 

4.) We have several areas that are now going through complete revitalization, including Springfield and our Beaches.  These areas have amazing potential for long term Real Estate investment, as they are quickly becoming the areas next "HOT SPOTS".

5.) Northern St. Johns County, a suburb of Jacksonville, is one of the fastest growing areas of the country.  Many new PUDS are underway such as the Town Of Nocatee, which will eventually feature nearly 15,000 homes, and The World Golf Village and Hall of Fame, which will feature 6,000 homes to name a couple!!

6.) Right now is the time to buy!  Prices in many areas are the lowest they have been in five years, and rates are near historic lows as well.  Not to mention many banks are holding large inventories of investment homes, especially the local Jacksonville hard money lenders.  The savvy investors are coming out of the woodwork!!

All of these things considered, we are primed to be an investors hot spot in the future, REGARDLESS of the market conditions!!

Why The Mike Linkenauger Team is the best to serve you with your Jacksonville Real Estate Investing needs! 

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1.) We love working with Real Estate investors!  While many Real Estate brokerages and agents stay away from investors (and vice versa), we work hand in hand with them to develop mutually lucrative long term relationships! We DON'T want you to buy a property from us!  We want you to buy five or ten or more from us over a period of time!  Our listing programs are catered to YOUR needs and offer flexibility depending on who sells your properties and the services we provide. Our goal is to help you become a more successful investor, because when you win, we win also!

2.) We have something for everyone!  Whether you are looking for Jacksonville bank owned/REO properties, short sale/pre-foreclosure deals, new construction, multi-family, commercial, or Jacksonville rental properties, WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! 

3.) I have a highly specialized and experienced team ready to assist you with finding Jacksonville investment homes and Real Estate!  We all have our unique place on the team, and are all at your service in every transaction!

4.) Many of the deals we work out aren't even ever put on the MLS!!  This means that other agents and brokers don't even know about these opportunities!  They are offered from investor to investor, or are assigned prior to changing hands!

5.) Myself as well as a couple of my agents are seasoned investors ourselves!  We know and understand the investor mentality very well, and who better to serve you than someone who knows your mindset! 

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We are also certified Loss Mitigation Consultants and short sale specialists, and we work with homeowners who are in financial distress as liaisons with their lenders.  This means that we are constantly receiving new homes that are priced 20%-50% below market value!  Short sale Homes offer Jacksonville Real Estate Investors some of the best values in Northeast Florida! 

It is very easy for me to set you up to automatically receive new listings and investment properties as soon as they become available every day via email!   I also email out a bi-weekly Jacksonville Real Estate investors newsletter informing folks like you of the current market conditions and new investment opportunities that I would like to sign you up for as well. If you would like to join this forum, please fill out the form below and I'll add you to the list! 

I will gladly send you our current "investors only" list of Jacksonville investment homes as well if you like that are NOT on the MLS, this website or any other site!!!  Many of these already have tenants living in them and are ready to be producing income for YOU!

NEW FEATURE!  We now offer a 100% FREE Jacksonville foreclosure home search!  That's right, don't pay to search for foreclosure homes through or realtytrac, you can do it for free on our site! Click Here: Jacksonville Foreclosure Homes

Click on the links below for more information on new construction communities and our 1% cash back home rebate program. Jacksonville has over 200 new construction home communities in the area!  New construction can still be an excellent investment if you pick the right real estate!  Some new construction homes have appreciated greatly even in this market!

Information on New Construction Communities

Learn more about our 1% home rebate program

Tired of hunting around for property information?  I've assembled one page with links to the property appraisers office in every county, as well as formulas for calculating taxes.  Here you can find everything you need about specific properties in ALL counties in Northeast Florida, all on one page!

Property appraisers offices in Northeast Florida 

Automatically receive Jacksonville foreclosure and pre-foreclosure listings as they come on the market!  Just fill out the form below with specific wants and you will receive new ones every day as they come on the market! Or you can also sign up for our Jacksonville Real Estate Investing newsletter.


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